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    Maariv in English

    Maariv in English My favorit Hebrew paper.

    Most balanced, most down to facts, most pluralistic in terms of opinions, and hold a large veraity of star columists, who where kicked out of Ha'aretz or Yediot Aharonot for ideological reasons.

    My favorit columist (other then the editor, Amnon Dankner) is Dror Ben-Yamini.

    The paper is considered center-right. while Yedioth is center left and Ha'aretz is far left. JP and Makor Rishon (weekly) are right.


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    Seems to be new, eh? Don't remember English service by Maariv. More Israeli newspapers are always welcome.

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    Originally posted by danholo
    Seems to be new, eh? Don't remember English service by Maariv. More Israeli newspapers are always welcome.
    Lots of Israeli newspapers here:

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    Great, I have heard quite a bit about this paper and as much as I enjoy JPost I do find it a bit too right wing at times.

    That said, I went to the front page of this new English edition and found the Op-Ed on Not our brothers

    You are not only trampling over the Declaration of Independence, but over the legacy of Rabbi Zvi Yehuda Kook, whom you claim as your mentor. You, the settlers’ lunatic fringe are becoming our collective liability.

    I was a bit suprised.
    Granted, this is one area of debate in and outside of Israel I havent yet formed an opinon on, yet most Israelis I have spoken to are rabidly in favour of these settlments.

    I'd be curious to hear arguments for and against these settlements.

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