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Thread: Pro-Israel Muslims

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    Pro-Israel Muslims

    It may sound like a miracle, but they do exist:

    For some simpler explanations:

    Amazing that Sheikh Palazzi is still alive, isn't it?

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    Question More on it


    Pro-Israel Imam Praised by Jews, Decried by Islamic Group

    From Religion News Service

    May 11 2002

    TORONTO -- These days, a rousingly pro-Israel talk before a Jewish audience isn't news--except when it's delivered by a Muslim cleric, and in a synagogue to boot.

    Sheik Abdul Hadi Palazzi, a Sunni cleric who spoke to synagogue audiences in three Canadian cities recently, was hailed as a beacon of sanity by Jewish groups, and condemned as anti-Islamic by the Canadian Islamic Congress.

    Palazzi, an imam and secretary-general of the Italian Muslim Assn., is known for his vocal beliefs that suicide bombings by Islamic extremists are inimical to Islam and constitute fitnah, or sedition. Thus, they are deserving of punishment. Among his other controversial views are that Israel should retain control over all Jerusalem; that Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat is an unrepentant terrorist who will never make peace with the Jewish state; and that the West is being hypocritical in its fight against terrorism while it condemns Israel's military campaign in the Palestinian territories.

    In a strongly worded statement, the Canadian Islamic Congress, an umbrella group for the country's 650,000 Muslims, called Palazzi an "anti-Islam campaigner" whose speaking tour will inflame tensions between Muslims and Jews.

    The congress said the sponsor was "playing with fire" by having Palazzi talk at a Winnipeg synagogue. In Toronto, where he spoke to about 600 people, Palazzi dismissed the Islamic congress as "a branch of Hamas," the militant Palestinian organization that has claimed credit for a number of suicide bombings aimed at Israeli civilians.

    The 41-year-old cleric said Islam clearly forbids both suicide and terror against civilians. "These are opposed to the dictates of Islam, and it is the moral duty of Islamic scholars to speak out," he said.

    And denying Jewish rights to Israel, including Jerusalem, negates Islamic history, he argued.

    "The Arab national movement and the Zionists were allies after World War I," he said, adding that Arab leaders at the time "recognized the Koranic prophecy of the return of the Jews to Israel. The Koran says the Jewish exile would not last forever."

    Today's many Muslim leaders in the Arab world, especially in Palestinian-influenced areas, distort Islam's teachings, he charged.

    "We must denounce fundamentalist movements in the name of Islam.... In behavior and policy, this is opposed to Islam. The intifada is also condemnable under Islamic law."

    He also said Arafat "will never make peace, and it is absurd to expect that [he] will fight terror."

    The sheik decried what he called the West's hypocrisy in the fight against terrorism by criticizing Israel.

    In 1998, Palazzi co-founded the Islam-Israel Friendship Society, which promotes a positive Muslim attitude toward Jews and Israel. John Esposito, author of "Unholy War: Terror in the Name of Islam" and a professor of Islamic studies at Georgetown University, told the Ottawa Citizen that Palazzi's Koran interpretations are "not credible."

    "I'm not too sure who, other than Palazzi, supports the position" that the Koran endorses Jerusalem as an Israeli-held capital, Esposito said. "I understand why Jewish groups like him--he's got a good product to sell--but when you talk about top scholars on Islam, I've never heard his name mentioned."

    Does anyone here know more about it?

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    I heard about Sheik Palazzi......

    He is a very strong man. He points out that there should be a unity between Jews and Muslims. I wish that he can do many lecutres in Israel as well some day.

    I think that he points out cleary to his islamic brothers and sisters that Jerusalem is not a holy city but a city that is more politcily gripped with Arab Nationalism.

    I think he wants to open a new era in Islam which promoted tolerance and reconcilation with jews. As the Jews and Muslims who were once the best of friends in times of the spanish inqusition should come together and unite as one and learn from one another.

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    hello im a turkish muslim boy from Turkey and im new here. but i have to say that i also support israel in all fields. and in turkey it is increasing those who support israel.

    ((((TURKEY))))) (((((ISRAEL)))))

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    Sheikh Palazzi

    Yes, I know about Sheikh Palazzi. May G-d bless him and protect him. For other Islamic-Jewish contacts check out the Root and Branch Association. Also, thanks for the article from the Lebanese Star about the real reason for the start of the Intifada. I cut and pasted it and sent it to the President and FoxNews.

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    How come i never seen that article on the lebanese star

    Won't you be a bud and show me it too?

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    Guys.. I find you so excited here! Just wanna remind you that you are talking about one person in 1.1 BILLION muslims!

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    Originally posted by Pushtak18

    How come i never seen that article on the lebanese star

    Won't you be a bud and show me it too?

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    Wink Lebanese Star article

    I asked Israel Forum what happened to the original posting where this article appeared. I actually saved the article, but I can't send it to you because I don't have your e-mail address. I hope Israel Forum can send it to you.

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    Originally posted by Night_Flight
    hello im a turkish muslim boy from Turkey and im new here. but i have to say that i also support israel in all fields. and in turkey it is increasing those who support israel.

    ((((TURKEY))))) (((((ISRAEL)))))

    Welcome to IsraelForum, Night_Flight.

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    Ibrodsky - nice to hear from you in Turkey. Why did you choose such a handle (name)? I would like to visit Turkey some day. Nice to hear that there Turks who support Isael. Let us both pray that reason and humanity will prevail and overcome the current madness that has come down upon us.

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    Re: Lebanese Star article

    Originally posted by unienglish26
    :I asked Israel Forum what happened to the original posting where this article appeared.
    I have no idea about what happened with your post. If the article appeared in theStar, thenhopefully you can find it again.

    In the future, though, I'd recommend pasting the relevant portions of the article and also including a link to the full story.

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    ibrodsky thanks.

    dear unienglish. its me the one who is from Turkey. so you'd like to visi turkey just as i'd like to visit israel. you are welcomed here.
    i agree with yor pray.

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    Ofcourse Palazzi is just one muslim, but we are talking about a couple of muslims, some times there are muslims everywhere who wants Jewish-Muslim Committe to be set up.

    Many people, especailly high/important people in the Islamic World who want to see change and to have Israel and the Jewish People as a friend are muted by evil powers like in Saudi Arabia and Iran. Even, some places like Jordan And Egypt does the same, and we made peace with them!!!

    There are today in both Jordan and especially Egypt, journalists who talk pro-israel and pro-west. Some articles that are famous are ones with the heading "We need change" or "We wants democracy" others are more specific like "Why not have the Israeli Embassy when you have the Yugoslavian one (Saudi)". And ofcourse there is a famous 1 which was done in 1980, that an egyptian guy wrote. He talked about peace and pride and how Israel is a good country and a better one from other Arab Nations, from people to economy to government...anyways...he was killed shortly after.

    As for turkey, Turkey has been a really good country with Israel. Maybe not in the start, but surely in the 60's through today was have been very good frineds in both technology and military components and even toursim and investment! Infact, not many know that Turkey was armed with Israeli Phantom 4, in the 1st would-be war better Turkey-Greece. More modern today, the biggest man force and equipment force to assist the Turk's in the devastating 1999 Earthquake was israel, and many of the injured were flown directly to Israel for SPECIAL TREATMENT. Americans never let them stay in Rammstein, Germany which they had special places and the Arabs (syria/lebanon) only offered a couple of special units and beds. And as of last year, Turkey assisted Israel in last summers water drought, by brining about 10 ton planes into Israel filled with water week!!!

    Turkey has and is proud of its democracy from the feild to politics they view Israel as a legitimate friend who they can share and become acquinted with. And i see it not only in the high spot but also in sports....

    Fenerbahce (Istanbul Club soccer team) has a star player from Israel who loves Turkey, the fans and the soccer enviorment! He has a good fan base and the turkish fans really see him as a superstar!!!

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