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Thread: Pro-Bush Jewish Group Starts Blog

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    Pro-Bush Jewish Group Starts Blog

    ...a quick search doesnt show anything for this new blog some of you may or may not be interested in........?

    New York Sun: Pro-Bush Jewish Group Starts Blog-

    A nonpartisan Jewish group calling for the re-election of President Bush because he is "best of Israel" took its message to the internet yesterday, opening a Web site with essays and a blog documenting the presidential candidates "stark differences" over the Palestinian crisis.

    Jeff Stier, the New York nonprofit executive who started the site, said he got the idea during conversations with friends who said Israel was their biggest priority in electing a president. Mr. Stier says the site is designed to contrast Mr. Bush's defense of Israel with Senator Kerry's "lack of leadership and poor judgement."

    In recent months, Mr. Kerry has backpealed from statements that have put him in hot water with pro-Israel groups.

    Excerpted - click for full article ^

    New Weblog

    Best For Israel

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    Cool, I'll add it to my blogroll! Thanks Kev

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