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Shocking Hate Internet Site Appears to Advocate Burning Churches

By Jeremy Reynalds
Talon News
September 1, 2004

Article (entire article reproduced below)...

A shocking web site apparently based in McLean, Virginia appears to advocate the burning down of churches. The web site, churcharson , says that burning churches is "one way people get involved with activism to end the abusive practices of Judeo-Christian religions (and nations, such as Israel)."

Apparently voicing his thoughts on a burning church, the writer says, "As it burned and the smell of dusty planks and charring parchment filled the air over the meadow, and the heat and the like piqued our senses incongruous in the swelling boundless darkness, our faces remained calm but our hearts were secretly glad for the end of its dominance, its guilt, and the paranoia that had been in the town for as long as the wood of the church."

According to the web site writer, arson against Christian churches is more prevalent than just simply a few racist or anti-social individuals.

He says (web site), "The evidence suggests that the movement is more widespread, with resentments of Christianity that may include but are not limited to racism. While President Clinton and the ADL trumpeted church burnings in America as 'racially motivated,' the truth was marching on: people every day are waking up to the insanity of Judeo-Christianity and are striking back at outposts of the Judeo-Christian religion."

The writer continues with a quote from Nietzsche: "Wherever there are walls I shall inscribe this eternal accusation against Christianity upon them -- I can write in letters which make even the blind see. ... I call Christianity the one great curse, the one great intrinsic depravity, the one great instinct for revenge for which no expedient is sufficiently poisonous, secret, subterranean, petty -- I call it the one immortal blemish of mankind."

Also provided on the site is a list of potential online activists and access to blasphemous flyers.

Below that list, the author writes, "If even one out of ten people who visit this page print out 20 flyers each and distribute them, more people will see that the facade of control in the hands of organized religion is breaking and thus, we will be closer to our goal of burning down the last temple and shattering the last church. The next thousand years are ours!"

The writer explains the process leading up to what he would like to see occur, writing, "Any intelligent AntiChrist methodology at that point will involve a consolidation of strength, public education in the ways of science and logic for our individual members, and actions taken against the remaining believers. The new society must first stabilize itself and come to a point of economic self-sufficiency and growth in social, intellectual, economic, technological and cultural areas. Once this is achieved, the executions of diehard Christians and Jews should bother no one."

The writer claims that both Christianity and Judaism are forms of mind control.

He advises his readers, "Step back from your assumptions and learned sayings, and look at it objectively: both religions tell you that what occurs in reality is caused by the whim of a personality called 'God.' You have to do what 'God' wants, or bad things will happen to you. In Christianity it is the worst, as 'God's love' is leveraged for a position in the eternal no-death place, 'Heaven.'"

Summarizing his hatred of religion, the author comments, "Religion is crazy. It's fear of death made to look important and 'official' but it doesn't help you a bit except by wasting your time. You start using 'belief' to figure out your life, with reason taking a secondary seat. You think in terms of places like heaven and hell and terms like good or evil. You spend time worrying about a supernatural being for which there's no precedent in natural patterning. It makes more sense to get into ... porn than to become religious in the Judeo-Christian tradition."