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Thread: Europeans Defend Syria

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    Europeans Defend Syria

    The EU / Europeans are now defending Syria. They would love that their Arab brothers finish the job Adolf Hitler and Nazi Germany / Austria / Queen Isabella's Spain failed to accomplish; that is: the extiermination of the Jewish people.

    EU criticizes Israel's threats against Damascus

    European Union foreign policy chief Javier Solana on Friday criticized recent Israeli threats against Syria following Tuesday's suicide bombings in Beersheba, which killed 16 people and wounded over 100. The deadly attack was carried out by Hamas, whose political leadership is based in Damascus.

    Officials in Jerusalem hinted that Israel could target Damascus for providing support to Hamas and allowing the terrorist group to maintain its headquarters there.

    "I don't think it's helpful to start talking about attacking new countries. The situation in the Middle East is complicated enough," Solana told reporters upon arriving in the Netherlands for a meeting of EU foreign ministers.

    Solana also said he did not believe such actions would be supported by Israel's number one ally, the United States.

    Solana stressed the importance of the UN Security Council resolution adopted on Thursday, calling for the "withdrawal of foreign forces from Lebanon" – a hint to Syria - and warning against interference in the coming presidential elections in the country.

    Foreign Minister Silvan Shalom said on Thursday that Syria is responsible for acts of terror and giving patronage to terror groups. "When we see Syria as responsible, it of course has to understand that this kind of thing will have very clear consequences," Shalom said.

    Shalom, who is in the Netherlands of a meeting of European foreign ministers, told Dutch Foreign Minister Bernard Bot that the EU, which is currently negotiating an association agreement with Syria, "has the ability to make its will felt vis-a-vis the Syrians."

    Shalom told Bot that in light of the Tuesday attacks, all indications are that Damascus has a hand in terrorist activities.

    The foreign minister said that Syria, through its support of Hizbullah in Lebanon and by allowing terrorist organizations to be based in Damascus, "is actively working against what Israel and the EU are trying to work for, a viable disengagement."

    Syrian Foreign Minister Farouk Shara was quoted by Syria's official news agency SANA as saying threats against Syria were unjustified and would "worsen the already aggravated situation in the region."

    Syrian Information Minister Ahmed al-Syria on Friday said his country is "taking seriously" Israel's threats to carry out military actions against Palestinian factions based in Damascus.

    The Syrian minister, in an interview with a Kuwaiti newspaper, refused to give details about the nature of Syria's military response to a possible Israeli military action against Palestinian groups operating on Syrian soil, Israel Radio reported Friday.

    Hamas' Beirut-based spokesman, Osama Hamdan, referred to past Israeli targeted killings, and told Hizbullah's Al-Manar television station any further killings "will increase our determination."

    Hamas has threatened in the past to retaliate against Israeli or Jewish targets abroad if Israel attacks Hamas leaders in Syria or elsewhere abroad.

    Last October, Israel bombed an empty Islamic Jihad training base near Damascus after tracing the bombing at the Maxim Restaurant in Haifa to Damascus.

    In a statement issued on Thursday in Damascus, where its political bureau chief Khaled Mashaal and other group officials have been living for years, Hamas said the "planning and execution" of suicide attacks was carried out by its military commanders in the Palestinian territories, not its policymakers in Syria."

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    Israeli officials, however, say that the Hamas leadership and infrastructure in the West Bank and Gaza have been so badly damaged militarily that directives to carry out attacks are coming from the organization's headquarters in Syria. Intelligence information backing this up has been passed on to the US.

    Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz warned on Thursday night that Israel's account with Hamas leadership in Syria is bitter and that a persistent war on terror will crush it.

    "We know that only a determined, continuous, and wise war will defeat terror and reverse the Palestinians' illusion that there was anything to gain from their strategy of terror," Mofaz said.

    Speaking at a memorial service for the fallen in the artillery corps, Mofaz vowed Israel would pursue terrorists and those who sent them "until [terrorism] is uprooted from our land."

    Mofaz also said that diplomatic steps are being taken to "create a reality that will bring a security separation and reduction of friction between us and the Palestinians," Mofaz said.

    Arieh O'Sullivan and AP contributed to this report

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    If Hitler was alive today they'd defend him....oh wait, Le Pen. Sorry, never mind, carry on.

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    Had the Jews murdered Hitler the Europeans would have said it was "against International Law."

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