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Thread: Arafat re:Muhammad slaughtered the entire tribe, in defiance of the peace treaty.

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    Arafat re:Muhammad slaughtered the entire tribe, in defiance of the peace treaty.

    Arafat's Piece Plan

    Just last week, Arafat called upon his people to remember the Prophet Muhammad's Treaty of Hudaybiyah in a speech given to the Palestinian Legislative Council. The Western world, including the U.S. State Department, seems to have ignored the significance of Arafat's plea.

    The Prophet Muhammad entered into a 10-year peace pact with the Koresh tribe back in the 7th century, known as the Hudaybiyah Treaty. After two years when he gained military might, Muhammad slaughtered the entire tribe, in defiance of the peace treaty. The treaty wasn't worth the paper it was written on.

    “… Arafat admitted in 1998, when interviewed by Egyptian television, that he respected the Oslo Treaty in the same manner that Muhammad did the treaty of Hudaybiyah ...”

    2nd Source re: HAMAS

    The Hamas Definition of a "Truce"
    In Hamas ideology a truce can be offered to the enemies of Islam only for tactical reasons — principally when the enemy is strong and the Muslims are weak. The truce period is to be used to change the balance of forces. When this is accomplished, and the stage has been set for a Muslim victory, the truce must be broken. This strategy follows the practice and teachings of Islam's founder, the Prophet Mohammed, who arranged a 10 year truce with the Quraysh tribe in 628, when his forces were not yet powerful enough to defeat the Quraysh. The truce has been known since then as the "Treaty of Hudaybiyah," after the site near the Quraysh city of Mecca where it was negotiated. Less than 2 years later, when Muslim forces were sufficiently strong, the Quraysh were defeated by the Muslims and Mecca captured. The Arabic term used to describe the truce with the Quraysh was hudna — the same word used by Hamas in their "truce" offers to Israel
    The Hamas Definition of a "Truce"
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