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Thread: Disputed or Occupied?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arab-defender
    So - i lost a right to exist and post my opinion because of that?
    No you lost the privilege of being taken seriously.

    When Israeli army forced Palestinians out of their homeland with machine guns and bulldozers,
    When was this? be specific.

    they didn’t care for a fact that these were mainly uneducated people, simple ones, who had simple life.
    And here people like you spend an inordinate amount of time telling me Palestinians have the highest percapita incidence of advanced degrees. Which is it?

    And so these Arabs were removed.
    750,000 backed up by the armies of 4 countries, removed by 650,000 Israels including women children and old people. How does that work?

    [uote]So your ideology is the same, right - whoever doesn’t know something or dares not to agree with you, is subject to annihilation?[/quote]

    Don't put words in my mouth. You're the paranoid, not I.

    That’s exactly how Israelis think and act. Great. I am sorry I was born Jewish.
    Well it's really no big thing either way. You are always free to disavow what you were, join Islam, learn Arabic, live in Ramallah, tinker with detcord, whatever it takes. I fully support your attempt to be a shahid if that is what would make you happy. Trust me, if you stopped 'being' Jewish, which is for you more a tragic accident of birth, like color blindness or hermaphrodism, we wouldn't miss you a bit. Don't ask don't tell, is what I say.

    In either case I've already been voted down by other mods who seem to find your rants amusing. Please carry on.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arab-defender
    Great. I am sorry I was born Jewish.
    I'm sorry you were born Jewish too, but even g-d or evolution isn't perfect, so naturally there will be a few defects. It's OK though, at least you got to be a statistic.

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    I actually doubt that he is Jewish. He did not seem to understand what Medio said to him in Yiddish even theough the words would be clearly understood by anyone who speaks Hebrew, I understood it and I don't speak Yiddish but I speak Hebrew. After all, the guy claims that he is a Jew from Israel but he does not understand Hebrew ?

    Also, just look at the links that he posted. At least some of those sites are clearly Neo Nazi racist white supremacist sites !

    He did not answer my question about what he would do with Israel and to Israelis.
    Idealism increases in direct proportion to one's distance from the problem.
    Author: John Galsworthy 1867-1933, British Novelist, Playwright

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