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Thread: Isaeli Guilty of Shooting Briton

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    Isaeli Guilty of Shooting Briton

    So this British 22 year old goes to Gaza; puts himself in harmsway and now his family are crying wolf that their son was shot. They showed a film of him trying to stop a tank and laughing about it. BBC TV News did not mention the soldier was a Bedoiun but the article does. I believe they join the IDF on a voluntary basis which should be appreciated.

    Israeli guilty of shooting Briton

    Tom Hurndall died nine months after falling into a coma
    A former Israeli soldier has been found guilty of the manslaughter of British student Tom Hurndall in the Gaza Strip.
    Ex-sergeant Taysir Hayb was convicted at a military court in Ashkelon for the shooting of Mr Hurndall in April 2003. Hayb will be sentenced at a later date.

    Mr Hurndall, 22, was involved in protests against the Israeli military in the Palestinian town of Rafah. He died nine months after the shooting.

    His father, Anthony, said the Israeli army acted with impunity too often.

    The defendant was led out of the court in handcuffs and tried to attack a number of photographers and cameramen filming him.

    Improper conduct

    More than 50 people crowded into the small courtroom on a military base in southern Israel, to hear the verdict - which took more than an hour to read out.

    We're concerned there is a policy which seems to be prevalent in Gaza that [Israeli soldiers] feel able to shoot civilians without any accountability

    Anthony Hurndall
    Watch the interview

    Killed 'protecting others'

    In addition to the manslaughter verdict, Hayb was found guilty of obstruction of justice, incitement to false testimony, false testimony and improper conduct.

    The court was told Hayb fired at Mr Hurndall from an Israeli army watchtower, using a sniper rifle with a telescopic sight.

    Witnesses said Mr Hurndall, from north London, had been escorting children away from gunfire when he was hit in the head by a single shot.

    The Israeli army initially disputed this account, but under pressure from Mr Hurndall's family and the British government it ordered a full investigation. It later indicted Hayb, a member of Israel's Bedouin Arab minority.

    Family 'concerned'

    Mr Hurndall, a Manchester Metropolitan University journalism and photography student, had been operating as a human shield in the Gaza Strip with the International Solidarity Movement (ISM).

    This is a Palestinian-led organisation that includes Westerners and aims to oppose Israeli occupation of Palestinian territories by non-violent means.

    Mr Hurndall's sister Sophie said she felt a "huge amount of anger" towards Hayb.

    "Tom was rescuing a child," she said, adding that what Hayb did "was the most despicable action you could carry out".

    Taysir Hayb tried to attack journalists as he left court
    But she added: "He's been hung out to dry by the Israeli army who have not taken responsibility for the poor investigation and absolute lack of accountability."

    Mr Hurndall's father, who had been sitting in court within touching distance of Hayb, said the guilty verdict was the right one.

    But he also expressed concern about the "culture in which this incident took place".

    "We're concerned that there is a policy which seems to be prevalent in Gaza, amongst the Israeli soldiers and army, that they feel able to shoot civilians really without any accountability whatsoever."

    Civil liberties group Human Rights Watch last week accused Israel of investigating less than 5% of hundreds of cases of Palestinians killed since 2000.

    Israeli authorities say there is no policy of tolerating the shooting of civilians.

    A film about the case, Shot on Camera: Tom Hurndall, will be shown on BBC Three on Monday 27 June at 2000 BST.

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    Pretty outrageous. This was a fixed case, based on a fake concession given under duress.

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    And the father has the gaul to criticise Israeli soldiers. I would like to see how he would react if he were in the Gaza Strip.

    He is wealthy and was able to cause a rukus. His son asked for trouble by parading in the Gaza as if he was at a show.

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    y had the oportunity to know that particular soldier,very nice guy,a beduin

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    Quote Originally Posted by Semsem
    We're concerned there is a policy which seems to be prevalent in Gaza that [Israeli soldiers] feel able to shoot civilians without any accountability

    Anthony Hurndall
    I agree. The IDF should be held accountable for shooting collaborators like Tom Hurndall, and given a medal. With Tom Hurndall's death there is one less ignorant person, whose actions place Israelis at risk.

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    The shooter is a Badawin, unrully at best.
    Sometimes, they even shoot each other, those badawins.
    I have no idea what happened there, and I have limited trust in the papers or court system to bring us the real or full details.

    I do know Badawins, though. In the service, my crew was stationed in thier mists. They are being radacilized and the trust in them is shrinking. Bad soldiers over all.

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