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Thread: Oil in Israel - Does the Bible Foretell its Discovery?

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    Oil in Israel - Does the Bible Foretell its Discovery?

    By Chris Mitchell
    Middle East Bureau Chief –NORTHERN ISRAEL - The tiny nation of Israel lies in the heart of the oil-rich Middle East. But Israel so far has not discovered any substantial oil reserves of its own.

    Yet one company believes there is lots of oil in the Holy Land, and they intend to find it.

    It stands nearly 15 stories tall - the biggest oil rig in Israel. Located in northern Israel and near the biblical valley of Armageddon, this complex of technology and machinery could change the future of the Middle East.

    The reason is simple. Israel is oil-dependent. While it produces a meager 50,000 barrels of oil a day, it consumes more than five times that amount. And many of the surrounding Arab nations - some sworn enemies of the state of Israel - possess most of the known oil reserves in the world. If Israel became energy-independent, it could change the geo-dynamics of the region.

    John Brown is the founder of Zion Oil and Gas, a company dedicated to discovering oil in Israel. He founded the company on what he says is a God-given mission - now almost 25 years old - to discover a major oil deposit in Israel.

    "To Israel, obviously, a huge oil discovery would change the economics, both politically and the structure of the company, or the country, and we see that also as a huge positive thing for the restoration of Israel," Brown said.

    "And what is the potential here? It's huge…,” Brown declared. “We have a good handle on it because of the geology that we have here in Israel. There are certain structures that we see - our geologists, geophysicists and the Petroleum Institute of Israel say that we have a combination of reefs, and [they] are very important in huge oil fields. So we have a lot of significant points that tell us that we're onto something that could be wonderful blessings."

    Zion Oil and Gas bases the drilling in Israel on promises from the Bible. One of the main promises is found in Genesis, chapter 49, verse 25. It is where Jacob tells his son Joseph that God will give him the "blessings of the deep that lie beneath."

    Although the drilling goes down more than 4000 meters, it is rooted in promises made more than 4,000 years ago. Brown believes that the “‘blessings of the deep” is oil, and his company, in a unique blend of scripture and science, has invested millions of dollars on that promise.

    But where would those blessings be? Brown began his quest with a book written nearly 25 years ago called "The Treasures of the Deep," by Jim Spillman.

    The book examines the map of the tribes of Israel, to discover the location of the oil. While Genesis talks about the "blessings of the deep" for the sons of Joseph or the tribes of Manasseh and Ephraim, another scripture in Deuteronomy says the tribe of Asher will "... dip his foot in oil."

    Brown believes that the two scriptures create a biblical "X" marks the spot for oil in Israel. The company now has a nearly 100,000-acre lease where the ancient tribes of Manasseh and Ephraim used to dwell.

    "We're still drilling ahead - we're about 4,200 meters going on down, and we're expecting to find something in the next two or three weeks, hopefully," said Zion Oil and Gas Drilling Manager Stacey Cude.

    But alongside the ancient signposts is state-of-the-art science. Cude is a veteran drilling manager, formerly with Exxon Oil.

    Cude explained, “But our project here, what sets it apart from so many other projects drilling for oil, is that it is not only Biblically based, but it's scientifically backed by technology - by science - the latest and greatest. And we have experts here that know exactly what we're looking for from a technical point, but what they found thus far backs up what the Bible says, and that's why we are drilling in this location."

    "Actually, I think the better word[s] to use is we're seeing Scripture confirm science, or science confirm Scripture,” Brown added. “That's what we're physically seeing right now as we speak, because we expect at any time to have a very successful oil well."

    Based on the science and geology, Zion Oil and Gas is optimistic about its prospects. Steve Pierce is the geologist on the project.

    Pierce declared, "This could be very significant. We will probably be the first well in all of northern Israel to drill this deep strata-graphically…We may be onto something very significant."

    He continued, "When we map the area using seismic, we see a lot of what we call seismic anomalies, and these seismic anomalies could be significant as well."

    The company expects to drill down to 5,000 meters. With less than 1,000 meters to go, they say they might hit a major deposit in a little as a few weeks. They keep updates on their Web site at If they do strike a major oil discovery, Brown believes it would be a sign of the times, and this could have a huge impact on the state of Israel.

    "As Bible-believing Christians, we believe that God has set the restoration of the land as a very key to the fulfillment of prophecy. So it would be huge, not just for Bible prophecy coming to pass, but it would be huge too, for the economic development of Israel, “ Brown said.

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    It would be nice. We can all dream.

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    Sounds like a scenario from Joel Rosenberg's, Ezekiel Option. Who knows??? In time the world will know for sure; oil fever has the same symptoms as gold fever.

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    Oil was also found in Estonia after the Soviets had left their airfields. They had been a little careless when filling up tanks of their planes.

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    This oil field has been known for a while, but there seems to be little interest in it.

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    There is some oil in Israel, mainly under the sea shelf, but it is not regarded as "significant" because we're not floating in it like the Saudis do.

    They're welcome to dig though. If they find more oil- more power to us
    “This is a reality but I won’t deal with it in terms of recognizing or admitting it.”

    Khaled Mashaal, Hamas leader

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    Finding an oil would make more problems with arabs just for sure. But who cares...

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    Berti Pane
    Should I remind you that where is Oil there is war,the worst result of capitalism.

    Prefer water instead of Oil.

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    Nothing against water, but there is plenty of oil in Texas, Oklahoma, Alaska, North Sea, and many other places where there is no war.

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    Truthful Mind
    Quote Originally Posted by Speaker
    Finding an oil would make more problems with arabs just for sure. But who cares...
    I hope Israel does find oil!

    It may cause some problems...

    But I think it will definitely SOLVE way more problems than it causes!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Berti Pane
    Should I remind you that where is Oil there is war,the worst result of capitalism.
    Capitalism is war. It doesn't need bullets. It has more means of winning against any opponent than only military. Oil is only a ressource - one useful thing for capitalism to enhance it's power.
    War is not restricted to nations. Companies fight wars as well. Companies exist for accumulating capital - nothing else. Accumulating includes sucking your wallet dry, making people addictive to buying goods at all costs, even drugs. Capital means ressources - like money, natural ressources like oil, virtual ressources like licenses or even premium personnel.
    But like with everything else there is a good side about it, it is the - ... ehm, I just forgot ...

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    Ah ... Capitalism motivates competition.
    The long since known about oil-field in Israel is maybe a little harder to exploit than the usual ones, but I expect the the competitors to develop ways very soon to squeeze the oil out of grounds that seem impossibly to use with a break even today.

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    There is enough oil for the next century for sure, even counting in China and India - but maybe not enough money to pay for it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Truthful Mind
    I hope Israel does find oil!

    It may cause some problems...

    But I think it will definitely SOLVE way more problems than it causes!
    Few people seem to believe it today, but in my opinion the use of oil will soon be old-fashioned or simply we can't use it, because it is more scarce and more expensive. Hydrogen, natural gas and other forms of energy are being used more widely day by day.

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    Scenario: Any significant oil production in Israel will immediately cause a creation of an Israeli oil cartel, which in turn will cause , if not invite, the US to invade Israel ("to support democracy"). Egypt and Jordan and Syria and the Palestinian Terrorists might drill horizontally to steal the oil, much like Quwait did the Iraqi oil.

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