Between the end of WWII and the '67 war the Gaza belonged to Jordan. The Arabs as a whole did not give this alleged 'Palestine' to the pals because they wanted to eliminate Israel from 'Palestine' (original borders after WWII). Once the Gaza was 'occupied' nothing changed. Arabs want the elimination of Israel. Through politics and lies they have made the case that the Gaza is the homeland, knowing they cannot grab it all at once. I have seen the slow change of history through lies to promote Israel as an aggresor to the poor Palestinian people as if the fact that Israel has tanks and the Pals don't ,automatically makes them the aggresor. Oslo proved that you meet all the demands and they will reject it for more, because their goal is ALL . The world will turn against Israel because of these lies and only the US will stick, God willing, to the truth. The Pals want things like all Israelis out of Gaza but all Pals can return to Israel. When that is refused, then Israel is at fault. The world needs to wake up!